Longbox Heroes Episode 340: I Don’t Believe in Sticks Apr05


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Longbox Heroes Episode 340: I Don’t Believe in Sticks

Todd starts things off with a spoiler filled review of Netflix’s Iron Fist and then we are off and running. Peter David’s tax woes, two comic based movies with interesting creative teams and Marvel. Oh, Marvel. What are we gonna do with you.  All this, what we read last week, including special guest Craig Bowser of Puzzle Warriors 3, what we’re looking forward to this week, Todd & Joe Have Issues with Marvel Two in One Annual #7, discussion of CW’s the FlashLegends of Tomorrow and the season finale of AMC’s the Walking Dead.

Links of Note
Steel City Comic Con Pittsburg, PA 04/07 – 04/09  @Steelcitycon
Great Philly Con 04/07 – 04/09 @phlcc
Wizard World St. Louis 04/07 – 04/09 @wizardworld
Super Mega Fest Marlborough, MA 04/07 – 04/09 @megafestcon
Grape City Con Lodi, CA 04/09 @stocktoncon
Undiscovered Realm Comic Con White Plains, NY 04/08 – 04/09
Marble City Comic Con Knoxville TN 04/08 – 04/09
the All-New All-Different Soon to be Named Network
the Chop Shop
Friend of the Show Mark Coale’s podcast, the Winter Palace

Free Digital Books and Sales
iZombie Sale
Moon Knight & More Sale
IDW Disney Sale
Image WonderCon Sale  
Invincible #118 for FREE!
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 for FREE!
the Walking Dead #1 for FREE!
Astro City #1/2 for FREE!
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween ComicFest #1 for FREE!
Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 for FREE!
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I Am An Avenger #1 for FREE!

What We Read Last Week
Black Widow #12
Suicide Squad/Banana Splits #1
Booster Gold/Flintstones #1

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week
Todd’s Pick
Joe’s Pick