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We have a new shirt!

Lenny Longbox black tee proof

This is a new take on the old design (which if you purchased before, thanks) which will be priced more reasonably for both the shirt and shipping. These shirts are available, in hand and ready to ship to you! They are $15 a shirt, an extra $2 for a 2 or 3 XL and shipping is only $4.00 (in the US, of course, international orders, please email us). And hey, if you see Leonard or Todd in person, you could save on shipping by getting them directly from us!



We have stickers available as well. These stickers of our awesome logo, created by the great Tom Derenick measures 1.85" x 3.0" and cost only $1.50 each shipped in the US. This cost covers:

- the fancy sticker
- a regular US postage stamp
- an envelope