My Adventures With The Doctor And His Companions

Recently, at Wizard World Philadelphia, I met Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, who played the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond, respectively, on Doctor Who.

They had photo ops for sale so I was able to get my photo taken with each of them. I’ve regaled Leonard and our listeners with the full tale in our already classic third Episode “Why Is This Monkey Crying”. Matt and Karen were not the first actors I’ve meet from Doctor Who and hopefully they will not be the last. I’ve met three other people who have had prominent roles on Doctor Who over the years and here are the stories.


The first person I ever met from Doctor Who was Colin Baker who was the 6th Doctor. It was at the New York Comic Con in 2009, I think. He was appearing with a Doctor Who retailer that had a table on the show floor instead of being in the autograph area where most actors are. I had a pass that allowed me on the floor before the doors opened up to the general public (since I’m a big shot) so I got to spend some time alone with him. I told him I was a huge Doctor Who fan and he replied “Well, that’s lucky because recently I have become a huge Doctor” gesturing to his body implying he had packed on a few pounds. We talked mostly about the show and how America doesn’t give big enough portions of vegetables in restaurants. Also, he introduced me to the Doctor Who audio dramas on CD that he does for Big Finish now. I bought the first one in the series which also feature the 5th and 7th Doctors. I had him sign it and also sign my Trial of a Time Lord DVD box set staring him as the Doctor of course. They were charging for pictures and autographs but I had purchased so much merchandise from the exhibitor while chatting that they were nice enough to not charge me. It was at that point I felt I had geeked out enough and would be on my way. It was truly a pleasant experience and he was nothing but kind and appreciative.


Next up was Peter Davison who played the 5th Doctor. He was at the New York Comic Con in 2012. He was in the autograph area so it took me a while to find him. He was off doing photo ops when I found his table. So I went and waited in line for my favorite author Terry Pratchett and when I was done, Peter was just returning. I was able to walk over and get in line with only a few people in front of me. While I was waiting, I got my stuff ready to sign: a DVD of the Five Doctors and the audio drama Colin Baker had signed. When it was my turn, I paid his assistant for the autographs and asked if I could take a pic with him and how much it would be. He said quick pics were free. That shocked me because he was doing professional photo ops for a fee throughout the day but I wasn’t going to argue. I walked up told him I was a fan. We talked about the show for a bit and how he was going to be on Law and Order UK which was coming to BBC America and shook his hand. My friend took our pic and I let the next person have their chance. Once again it was a great experience.


Finally I met Arthur Darvill. He played Rory Williams (Amy Pond’s husband and companion to the 11th Doctor). I was at the 2013 New York Comic Con and my friend was volunteering at The Nerd Machine booth and she texted me that he would be taking pictures with fans and all the proceeds would go to the charity Operation Smiles. I found out it was $20 dollars a picture and it was as many people you could fit in. I thought this was awesome because it made it very affordable for families with more than one child. I saw a lot of families get pics just because of that. I waited in line, which moved quite quickly. When it was my turn, I told him how much I liked him as Rory. He thanked me and I waited for my pic to print which was way faster than I ever would have thought. The Nerd Machine folks really knew how to handle the crowd. No problems at all.


So far, the official tally is 3 Doctors and 2 companions. I almost met Paul McGann who played the 8th Doctor a few years back at New York Comic Con but he canceled at the last minute. So maybe I’ll meet him at the next one or any of the other Doctors or possibly a companion. I don’t know who it will be but I’m pretty sure my adventures in time and space are not done yet.