Weekly Question – Best New God 09/15/16 Sep15


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Weekly Question – Best New God 09/15/16


DC’s New Gods, created by Jack Kirby, are a tough nut to crack. The closest analog to Asgardians in the Marvel universe, but an opinion I share with many, a group that works the best alone.


And by that I mean, there are tons and tons of good guy and bad guy New Gods so there ya go, let’s fight. However, once they start mixing with the main DCU, the good guy New Gods get shuffled to the side.


Most folks who have a cursory knowledge of comics think of Darkseid as a Superman villain first and a New God second.


There have been times where members of the New Gods have joined the Justice League, with varying levels of success, but they are rarely ever the featured players.

So this week, gentle listener, we ask who is the best New God? Individual? Story? Concept? Whatever! Tell me I’m wrong!

Just tweet us with your answer using the hash tag #LBHQuery. Don’t like or have Twitter? Need more room to explain your choice? Just leave a comment on this post!

We’ll compile up all the answers and talk about them on next week’s show!