Weekly Question – Best Joker 08/25/16 Aug25


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Weekly Question – Best Joker 08/25/16


The Clown Prince of Crime, the greatest nemesis of the Caped Crusader, maybe the most malleable villain in all of comics, The Joker! Since he is crazy, he can really fit into any story you need him to.


Do you need a braying prankster just causing mischief? Joker’s the man for the job!


Do you need pure chaos and anarchy? The Joker’s your huckleberry!


What about widespread death and destruction? Joker’s got a couple of those as well!

So this week, gentle listen, we ask who is the best Joker? Film, TV, comics, video games? Whatever!

Just tweet us with your answer using the hash tag #LBHQuery. Don’t like or have Twitter? Need more room to explain your choice? Just leave a comment on this post!

We’ll compile up all the answers and talk about them on next week’s show!