Weekly Question – Best Cop 11/17/16 Nov17


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Weekly Question – Best Cop 11/17/16

When it comes to cops in comics, you’re gonna find a lot more ‘name’ police officers in the DC side of things. Heck, DC even had one of the best books of the last 15 years, Gotham Central that was all about the GCPD and how they deal with Batman


On the Marvel side of things, it’s a bit tougher to find a regular, plain clothes cop. And if you do, in most cases they end up as a superhero, corrupt or dead, like poor Captain George Stacy here.


Outside of the big two, as Todd mentioned on the show this week, you’ll see a main super hero who is a police officer as his day job, like Savage Dragon.


So this week, gentle listener, who is the best cop in comics?

Just tweet us with your answer using the hash tag #LBHQuery. Don’t like or have Twitter? Need more room to explain your choice? Just leave a comment on this post!

We’ll compile up all the answers and talk about them on next week’s show!