Weekly Question – Best Comic Thing of 2016 12/15/16 Dec15


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Weekly Question – Best Comic Thing of 2016 12/15/16

Last year, we tried to do a whole best of list, creators, publishers, etc. This year, it’s just one catch all, what was the best comic book related thing of 2016?

Is it an actual comic? Now, I can’t get away with saying ‘anything by Jason Aaron’ but if I (or you) were to say ‘the Mighty Thor’, you’d get no complaints from me.


Was it a comic book movie? You know, with everyone grousing about so many comic book movies, 2016 only had seven, which seems like a low number for as much complaining as you hear.


Or maybe it was a TV show? There was tons and tons of great comic related stuff on TV in 2016 as well


Or was it something else all together? A toy? A video game? A piece of clothing? Whatever!

So this week, gentle listener, what was the best comic book related thing?

Just tweet us with your answer using the hash tag #LBHQuery. Don’t like or have Twitter? Need more room to explain your choice? Just leave a comment on this post!