Weekly Question – Best Business 08/11/16 Aug11


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Weekly Question – Best Business 08/11/16

When you think business, especially big business, you think bad. But with all the fake businesses in comics, the most of them are associated with the good guys. Just like in real life, it’s more the bad guys who get all the press. Look at all these businesses in the Marvel Universe!


Things are a bit different on the DC side of things. Lex Corp is the big baddie business with tons of little guys trying to take a piece of the proverbial pie. If this chart is to be believed, who knew Wayne Enterprises was so low on the totem pole.


So our question to you, dear listener,  what is the best business in comics? This one is about a loose as it gets, so whatever!

Just tweet us with your answer using the hash tag #LBHQuery. Don’t like or have Twitter? Need more room to explain your choice? Just leave a comment on this post!

We’ll compile up all the answers and talk about them on next week’s show!