Todd & Joe Have Issues 10/05/17: Gotham Central #12 Oct05


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 10/05/17: Gotham Central #12

I love Gotham Central. One of the best runs on any comic ever. Where I, and many others I’m certain, first became exposed to folks like Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark. Not the first time a book has focused on the GCPD and how they worked with and around Batman, but none did it better than this.

Now, this is a bit of a cheat as this is part one of a four issue arc, but I feel as though this works on it’s own alone. It’s Christmas time in Gotham and there is much unrest. More than usual as there is a gun man who is striking out, seemingly at random at all hours of the day.

While dealing with a possible issues within the department itself, the police force itself now becomes a target.

And, as a last resort, as detailed in another issue of the series, they resort to contacting the Batman himself once the pieces come together of who the mystery shooter is.

Any discussion, thoughts, feelings, criticisms of this week’s selection can be placed below in the comments section. As well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our list.