Todd & Joe Have Issues 02/16/17 Amazing Spider-Man #267 Feb16


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 02/16/17 Amazing Spider-Man #267


I love Spider-Man. By far my favorite comic character, possibly my favorite character in all of fiction. If you listened to this week’s episode, you heard my passion for the character in his current iteration. I love Spidey so much, I skipped his last two movies so my adoration for his would not deplete. So consider me shocked when Todd of all people, picked a Spider-Man issue for this week’s “Have Issues.”


Now, there was a time when I wanted to collect the entire run of Amazing Spider-Man, like the owner of our local shop did, but for a married man with a kid and a mortgage, those dreams were quickly dashed. But there was a time when I was filling in gaps from the 200’s with cheap issues. So imagine surprise when I found that I owned this issue, but never have read it.


Now, I have no idea what this issue is about as of this writing, other than Spidey still being in the black costume and teaming up with Human Torch, which is always fun, so enjoy the above salacious panel from this issue while I go and read it.

Any discussion, thoughts, feelings, criticisms of this week’s selection can be placed below in the comments section. As well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our list.