Todd & Joe Have Issues 01/05/17 Swamp Thing 21 Jan05


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 01/05/17 Swamp Thing 21

When the main stream things ‘Swamp Thing’ I’m sure most people thing of the Wes Craven film from the early 80’s


I was a bit too you to catch it in in it’s original run, but due to heavy rotation on HBO, this was the Swamp Thing I knew. Flash forward two years later, still not reading a ton of actual, physical comics, Alan Moore,¬†Steven Bissette and John Totleben told a tale that would change Alec Holland forever!


This was a modern day story of ‘everything you know is wrong’ and it stuck. They took the past ten plus years of Swamp Thing continuity and threw it out the window. And it’s fantastic. I did not read this for the first time until almost 15 years later and knowing what the issue was about, it still packed a punch.

Now, the other media version of Swamp Thing would not be changed by this, spinning of a film sequel, a TV show on the USA Network, a Saturday morning cartoon and a toy line:

Man, the 90’s were a weird time.

Now, this issue is not a freebie on many digital platforms, but has been collection dozens of times by DC, they even published a $1.00 version of the book, but if you use your Bing machine to dig through the muck, I’m sure you can read this issue before next week.

Any discussion, thoughts, feelings, criticisms¬†of this week’s selection can be placed below in the comments section. As well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our list.