Todd & Joe Have Issues 11/09/17: Fortune and Glory Nov09


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 11/09/17: Fortune and Glory

A couple of apologies to start. 1) while this is a graphic novel (trade) I didn’t realize this was originally a three issue mini series. That’s on me, my bad. And B) this is really tough to come by. And it shouldn’t be.

The story tells the tale of Brian Michael Bendis (who handles both writing and art chores) shopping Torso around Hollywood to get made into a movie. But also his other books, Goldfish and Jinx as well. This is a book that I feel not only should every comic book fan should read, but also anyone in the comic industry. Really, anyone trying to “make it” in any form of entertainment should read this as so much of what Bendis deals with can be used as a learning experience.

I will say this however, for a book written in the mid-90’s and published in 2000, one thing hasn’t changed:

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