Todd & Joe Have Issues 09/14/17: Giant Size X-Men #1 Sep14


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 09/14/17: Giant Size X-Men #1

The X-Men were dead. RIP. Not a hoax or imaginary tale. In 1970, the X-Men stopped being published. It just wasn’t selling well enough. Sure, there were reprints here and there, maybe just to keep the IP alive, but let’s flash forward to 1975.


Len Wein and Dave Cockrum decided to make a new X-Men team, a multi national team of newly created characters, some past villains turned babyface and some new guy Wein created over in Incredible Hulk.

Giant-Size X-Men 01 - 19

They, led by Cyclops, are off to Krakoa to save the original X-Men. This issue single handedly changed EVERYTHING about comics.


Years later, the story was even retconned to make reference to ANOTHER team sent before this one, third Summers brothers, all sorts of silliness.

Any discussion, thoughts, feelings, criticisms of this week’s selection can be placed below in the comments section. As well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our list.