Todd & Joe Have Issues 06/22/17: Deadpool #11 Jun22


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Todd & Joe Have Issues 06/22/17: Deadpool #11

I love Deadpool. Back when he was a fringe character introduced as a villain in New Mutants and X-Force. Then, a few years later, Marvel decided to give some of the baddies mini series. Some stuck better than others, Venom being one, Wade Wilson here being the second. So he got a second mini series and an ongoing series that ran for almost 80 issues the first time around and was on the verge of cancellation many times. Read that last sentence again. A Deadpool book was selling poorly. This was before the time we live in now. A much more fun time. A lighter time. And that bring us to this week’s book, Deadpool #11 by Joe Kelly and Pete Woods.


After taking Blind Al (Deadpool’s confidont and prisoner) to an aquarium, he runs afowl of the Great Lakes Avengers (at the time attempting to co-opt the Thunderbolts as the ‘Lightning Rods‘) Wade and Al gets whisked off to ‘the past’…and by past I mean issue 47 of Amazing Spider-Man. Literally.

deadpool11-osbornhairhorror001 (2)

Using his image inducer, Deadpool must find the younger version of his sidekick Weasel and convince him to fix his teleporter. He poses as Peter Parker, goes to college parties, fights Kraven the Hunter, but mostly makes fun of Norman Osborn’s hair.

3475309-deadpool11p41 (2)

This is one of my favorite issues of one of my favorite comic book runs of all time and is currently on sale, so if you’ve got a buck burning a hole in your pocket, go add this great comic to your digital collection.

Any discussion, thoughts, feelings, criticisms of this week’s selection can be placed below in the comments section. As well as suggestions about future choices for one shot issues to add to our list.