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LBH Pigskin Pick em 2017

Would you like to test your football knowledge against Joe and Todd? Well now you can! We are having a football tournament where all you have to do is pick the NFL teams you think are going to win each week and you can see how well you do against us for the season.  Just sign up for ESPN Pigskin Pick’em HERE and join the Longbox Heroes group. If you played last year just log in under the same email and rejoin the Longbox Heroes group.  It’s easy and here is an easy how to guide. I did this on my Android Phone but it should be close to the same for a iPhone a desktop or a tablet device. Please read all the steps first.


1. Go HERE and click on “GET STARTED”.


2. Create an account. The member name will be visible in the group so please keep it clean. In the birthday you have to be at least 18 to play or it will say you are invalid. Also you’ll need an email and give a password and whatever member name you want to go by. Then click create.


3. This takes you to a page that says “Update Your Account” but it’s basically just a page that says you agree to their Terms of Use. Click on “I Have Read And Agree To The Terms Of Use” and then click on “Update My Account”.


4. Here you will create an Entry Name. This could be the same as your member name or different. This will be seen in the Longbox Heroes group. Please keep it clean. Also you’re going to have to pick what mode your entry is. Choose “Straight”. There is an options for weekly email reminders for when it’s time to do your picks. Then click on “Create Your Entry”.


5. On this page click on “Don’t See The Group You Are Looking For?”


6. On this page scroll down to “All Groups” where it says “Search Groups” type in Longbox Heroes and click on “Search Groups”. Click on the dropdown that say “Longbox Heroes”.


7. Click on the button that says “Join Group”.


8. On this page you will see the group Longbox Heroes with a checkbox by it click on it to choose that one.


9. With the Longbox Heroes box checked click on “Join Group”.


10. Click on your entry name and this will take you to your 1st weeks pics.


11. All you have to do now is click on the team that you think is going to each match up.


12. Then scroll down to the bottom and put in what you think the score will be of the last weekends game. This is for determining the ranking each week if two or mor people have the same amount of points. And then click on “Submit Your Picks”. You have to do that or your picks won’t be recorded. You can change any picks as many times as you want as long up until a few minutes before that game’s start and then click “Submit Your Picks” after.

It really is easier than it looks here and it will be fun to see who’s in first each week. At the end one person will be the winner (I hope it’s me). If you have any problems there is a FAQ and a How to Play on the game page and if you have a question put it in the comments section here and I will do my best to try and help. Good luck.