Longbox Heroes Episode 368: Sneeze Delay Oct18


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Longbox Heroes Episode 368: Sneeze Delay

More news! About the same amount of comics! And double the TV talk of last week! Talking a creative duo leaving a book they’ve been synonymous with for quite some time. Len Wein’s final Swamp Thing story will see print! More hit pin vs. sticker talk! And, when is a con exclusive not a con exclusive? All this, what we read last week, what we’re looking forward to this week, Todd & Joe Have Issue talking Ghost Rider #68 and talk of the season premiers of both CW’s the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Links of Note
Santa Fe Comic Con
Melbourne Toy & Comic Con
Super Mega Fest Marlborough, MA
MICE Mass Indie Comics Expo Cambridge, MA
Grand Rapids Comic Con
the All-New All-Different Soon to be Named Network
the Chop Shop

Free Digital Books and Sales
Marvel Iron Fist Legacy Sale
Image Walking Dead Sale
DC Jim Lee Sale
Dark Horse Horror Sale
Invincible #118 for FREE!
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 for FREE!
the Walking Dead #1 for FREE!
Astro City #1/2 for FREE!
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween ComicFest #1 for FREE!
Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 for FREE!
Lucha Underground #1 for FREE!
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What We Read Last Week
Dark Nights Metal #3
Mister Miracle #3

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week
Todd’s Pick
Joe’s Pick