Longbox Heroes Episode 366: Go Open A Diner Oct04


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Longbox Heroes Episode 366: Go Open A Diner

A day late but a few hours ear;y if that makes any sense. All sorts of convention news, cons being cancelled, new cons returning to Philly, legacy numbering from the folks who lived on it for years. All this, what we read last week, what we’re looking forward to this week, Todd & Joe Have Issues talking Crecy #1 and so much more!

Links of Note
New York Comic Con
Atlanta Comic Convention
Sac Comic Con Sacramento, CA
Lehigh Valley Comic Con 
the All-New All-Different Soon to be Named Network
the Chop Shop

Free Digital Books and Sales
DC #1 Sale
Marvel Spider-Man Legacy Sale
ONI Press Rick & Morty Sale 
IDW My Little Pony Sale
Invincible #118 for FREE!
Jupiter’s Legacy #1 for FREE!
the Walking Dead #1 for FREE!
Astro City #1/2 for FREE!
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween ComicFest #1 for FREE!
Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 for FREE!
Lucha Underground #1 for FREE!
FCBD 2016: Captain America #1 for FREE!
FCBD 2016: Civil War II #1 for FREE!
Swordquest #0 for FREE!
FCBD: Wonder Woman #1 for FREE!
FCBD: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 for FREE!
FCBD: DC Superhero Girls #1 for FREE!
FCBD: Secret Empire #1 for FREE!
KFC: The Colonel of Two Worlds #1 for FREE!
KFC: The Colonel Corps #2 for FREE!
Super Cheap and FREE books on Amazon Prime!
Batman Adventures #12 for FREE!
Cable and X-Force #1 for FREE!
House of M #1 for FREE!
Marvel Zombies #1 for FREE!
Tomb of Dracula #1 for FREE!

What We Read Last Week
Marvel Legacy #1
Detective Comics #965

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week

Joe’s Pick