Longbox Heroes Episode 359: Filth the Final Frontier Aug16


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Longbox Heroes Episode 359: Filth the Final Frontier

Big things happening in the world of Image Skybound TV shows. Some so big, we missed them 3-4 months ago. Oh boy. And did Warner Brothers skirt payments but getting rid of bloomers? We investigate, along with a correction from last week and new pledge Joe will never follow up on. All this, what we read last week, a SPOILER FILLED PreView ReView book, what we’re looking forward to next week, Todd & Joe Have Issue talking Swamp Thing #45 and a heap more!

Links of Note
Gen Con Indianapolis, IN 08/17 – 08/20
LA Comic Book & Sci Fi Con 08/20
NEO Comic Con Olmstead, OH 08/20
Minnesota Fan Fest 08/19 – 08/20
StocktonCon Stockton, CA 08/19 – 08/20
Flame Con Brooklyn, NY 08/19 – 08/20
Epic Con Albany, GA 08/19
Terrific Con Uncasville, CT 08/18 – 08/20
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What We Read Last Week
Mister Miracle #1
DC Metal #1

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week
Joe’s Pick
Todd’s Pick