Longbox Heroes Episode 354: Love Sickness is Like Sea Sickness Jul12


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Longbox Heroes Episode 354: Love Sickness is Like Sea Sickness

Light on news as it seems as though people are waiting until next week…for some reason. But, there are two DC/Archie crossovers in the hopper, one longer than the other. And Todd & Joe crack the code of the Marvel Legacy renumbering. What we read last week, what we’re looking forward to this week, Todd & Joe Have Issues talking Daredevil #7 and some spoiler filled discussion of Spider-Man Homecoming. Join us, won’t you?

Links of Note
Raleigh Super Con 07/14 – 07/16
Great Lakes Comic Expo Clinton Twp, MI
Chicago Land Comic Con McCook, IL 07/15 – 07/16
the All-New All-Different Soon to be Named Network
the Chop Shop
Friend of the Show Mark Coale’s podcast, the Winter Palace
Vote in the Ringo Awards

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What We Read Last Week
Unholy Grail #1
Rock Candy Mountain #4

What We’re Looking Forward to This Week
Todd’s Pick
Joe’s Pick